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The Kinburn Spit

Price: 600.00 USD (up to 7 persons)

One of the most magic corners of Nikolaev region – is the Kinburn Spit (80 kilometers from Nikolaev), where since the ancient times and till nowadays lives the world of flora and fauna in its original form. The width of the Spit is from a couple of millimeters (its tip) till 10 kilometers, and its length is 40 kilometers. Some see the Spit in the shape of the Sphinx, others see its resemblance with the human foot, a foot of a huge animal, or a magic ship.

Departure from Nikolaev to Ochakov. Getting acquainted with the town’s history.

Boat excursion to the Kinburn Spit. During the excursion you will see a famous Berezan island – secrets and mysteries island. It attracts attention not only of the tourists but scientists – archeologists, historians, geologists, geographers as well. And another the most mysterious and secret island of the Black Sea is the Mayskiy island. Bulked in the mouth of the Dniepro-Bugskiy firth in the times of Ekaterina island opposite to Ochakov, with the area of 6 ha, was created as a military outpost. Combat swimmers were being trained on the island, or the sea spies. Combat swimmers were taking part in the operations in Vietnam, Cuba, Nicaragua, Angola, Afghanistan, and other hot spots. 

Arrival to the Kinburn Spit.

Seating in a special cross-country vehicle. Excursion around the regional landscape park “Kinburn Spit” (3-4 hours). the Spit is unique with its history, nature, landscapes. Its modern name comes from the Turk ‘kil’ – a hair and ‘burun’ – a cape. What’s nowadays is a peninsula, in the past was an island and was very well known to the Phoenician merchants and pirates. This land was some time ago called Gileya. ‘If to cross the Borisphen (Dniper nowadays), then the first one from the sea side would be Gileya, and above of it live Scythes-tillers’, - the ancient Greek historian Herodotus was writing about the Spit, who visited this land back in the V century B.C. These lands are full of mysteries, adventures, legends and ancient tales. Kinburn Spit is called a pharmacy under the open sky. Altogether more than 500 types of herbs grow on the Spit. Since olden times this land was known for its white gold – salt. In the old times Chumaks were carrying this precious product along the hard roads, filled with the criminals, pirates, warlike people. And even today timers live, who used to extract salt at the lakes. There are about 150 lakes at the Spit. Fish likes coming to spawn here, in dense shoals back to back (more than 40 species). Some lakes have medicinal mud. Another pearl of the Kinburn Spit is the Volyzhin wood. The trees here are thickly covered with the hop and wild grapes, that looks like a subtropical forest with lianas. You will see the spot where the sea kisses the firth – the very tip of the Kinburn Spit.

Rest. Swimming in the Black Sea. 
Boat return to Ochakov.
Arrival to Nikolaev.

It is actual from the 1st of Mayl to the 1st of October. Transportation by car form Nikolaev to Ochakov takes about 1 hour. Transportation by boat form Ochakov to Kinburn Spit takes about 30 minutes. There are waling giuded tours, horseback riding tours and bus tours for up to 3 persons. Excursion duration is 3 hours around the park by cross country vehicle and it includes transportation (90 minutes one way - 3 hours round trip) by car and boat and professional guide and interpreter. Mini-zoo tickets are not included (~1.50 USD per person) but can be purchased additionally.

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