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We provide to our clients e-mail and live translations services of high quality. Translations and interpreter services are provided by professional and well behaved female interpreters with university degrees.

We offer two translation types - Interpretation and E-mail Translations.


If you do not speak either Russian nor Ukrainian we can offer you a professional interpreter who can be very useful at your meeting with native Russian/Ukrainian speaking people and be your guide during your walk through Nikolaev city. The hourly rate (or part of) of our interpreter services is 20.00 USD.

Please contact us to order interpretation service.

E-mail Translations

Clients can choose from three main ways of ordering translations services for the translation of e-mails, private correspondence, articles etc. They are "Per-Letter" Translations. We accept all major credit cards for this service!

"Per-Letter" Translations*

Clients are also welcomed to order the translations of appropriate amount of letters only. We propose to our clients to order "Per-Letter" Translations of 10, 20, 30, etc. letters. You can order as many sets of 10 letters as you want. The translation of 1 letter (text of 2,000 symbols without spaces, any language: either Russian or English) costs 4.00 USD. Please note: recipient should come to our office to receive our clients translated letter or to give us a letter for our clients (as a recipient) to be translated!

"Per-Letter" Translations* plus Delivery

We translate and deliver letters to recipient. When recipient has a letter for our client, then they can call us and we will arrange pickup of the letter. Once translated, we will send to our client. We propose to our clients to order "Per-Letter" + Delivery Translations* sets of 5 letters. You can order as many sets of 5 letters as you want. The translation of 1 letter (text of 2,000 symbols without spaces, any language: either Russian or English) including delivery/pickup in Nikolaev costs 10.00 USD.

"Per-Letter" Translations* plus Delivery and Picture

The same as "Per-Letter" Translations plus Delivery but additionally we take a picture on delivery of every letter we deliver to the recipient. We propose to our clients to order "Per-Letter" + Delivery Translations from 2 letters. You can order as many sets of 2 letters as you want. The translation of 1 letter (text of 2,000 symbols without spaces, any language: either Russian or English) and delivery in Nikolaev plus Picture costs 12.00 USD. 

* - We do our best to do the day-to-day translations, though due to the working hours and time difference, days-off and holidays, 24-48 hours delays in translations are possible. It is pre-paid service. When the remaining quantity of letters reaches 2 (two) our company reserves the right to inform our clients about it. E-mail translation packages are valid during 6 months from the date of purchase.

We offer
10 Letters Translations $40.00
5 Letters Translations plus Delivery $50.00
2 Letters plus Delivery and Picture $24.00
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Jeff, United States
I contacted GoToNikolaev for their flower delivery scam check service. The specific detail they gave me on the flower delivery was exactly the information I needed to determine the girl I had met when I was in Nikolaev was lying to me and probably setting me up for a larger scam. They were very professional and saved me a lot of guesswork and trouble. Whatever service you may want to contract them for, I am confident you will be satisfied with their detail in service and professionalism, just as I am.
5 Jeff, United States
Alex, United States
Dear Team, First, I want to apologize for not getting back to you for quite some time. I’ve been traveling a lot and, generally, very very busy. But better late than never… Back in February, you (Dmitry) helped me find an old friend of mine whom I hadn’t heard from for unusually long time. I tried to call him many times but it sounded like no one was picking up. I was afraid that something happened to him. I spent a lot of time browsing the Net to see if I could find out if his phone number had changed – no luck. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information on the Net about residential phone numbers in small cities in Ukraine. I couldn’t even find out how to call the Phone Information from outside the area. And then, I got lucky enough to find Dmitry e-mailed me my friend’s new number in the matter of hours. This was fantastic! And not just the result. Everything was done very professionally and respectfully. Truly, a world class service. I would recommend it to any anyone. So please accept my very sincere gratitude and appreciation and my best wishes to you and your service!
5 Alex, United States