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We provide to our clients e-mail and live translations services of high quality. Translations and interpreter services are provided by professional and well behaved female interpreters with university degrees.

We offer two translation types - Interpretation and E-mail Translations.


If you do not speak either Russian nor Ukrainian we can offer you a professional interpreter who can be very useful at your meeting with native Russian/Ukrainian speaking people and be your guide during your walk through Nikolaev city. The hourly rate (or part of) of our interpreter services is 20.00 USD.

Please contact us to order interpretation service.

E-mail Translations

Clients can choose from three main ways of ordering translations services for the translation of e-mails, private correspondence, articles etc. They are "Per-Letter" Translations. We accept all major credit cards for this service!

"Per-Letter" Translations*

Clients are also welcomed to order the translations of appropriate amount of letters only. We propose to our clients to order "Per-Letter" Translations of 10, 20, 30, etc. letters. You can order as many sets of 10 letters as you want. The translation of 1 letter (text of 2,000 symbols without spaces, any language: either Russian or English) costs 4.00 USD. Please note: recipient should come to our office to receive our clients translated letter or to give us a letter for our clients (as a recipient) to be translated!

"Per-Letter" Translations* plus Delivery

We translate and deliver letters to recipient. When recipient has a letter for our client, then they can call us and we will arrange pickup of the letter. Once translated, we will send to our client. We propose to our clients to order "Per-Letter" + Delivery Translations* sets of 5 letters. You can order as many sets of 5 letters as you want. The translation of 1 letter (text of 2,000 symbols without spaces, any language: either Russian or English) including delivery/pickup in Nikolaev costs 10.00 USD.

"Per-Letter" Translations* plus Delivery and Picture

The same as "Per-Letter" Translations plus Delivery but additionally we take a picture on delivery of every letter we deliver to the recipient. We propose to our clients to order "Per-Letter" + Delivery Translations from 2 letters. You can order as many sets of 2 letters as you want. The translation of 1 letter (text of 2,000 symbols without spaces, any language: either Russian or English) and delivery in Nikolaev plus Picture costs 12.00 USD. 

* - We do our best to do the day-to-day translations, though due to the working hours and time difference, days-off and holidays, 24-48 hours delays in translations are possible. It is pre-paid service. When the remaining quantity of letters reaches 2 (two) our company reserves the right to inform our clients about it. E-mail translation packages are valid during 6 months from the date of purchase.

We offer
10 Letters Translations $40.00
5 Letters Translations plus Delivery $50.00
2 Letters plus Delivery and Picture $24.00
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Richard, United States
I have been a customer of "" for about 2 months now and I have had excellent customer service. It is very uneasy to use a service, paying them money to purchase items for your girlfriend when the agency is in another country and you know nothing about them. However every time I placed an order it was handled in a timely manner and I was kept notified from the time I placed the order to the the item was delieverd. I sent roses twice and both times my girlfriend said the flowers were very beautiful and fresh. You took pictures like I requested and sent them to me right away. You went out of your way to contact my girlfriend and make the delivery at her work where it was more conveniant for her. I have traveled to Moscow, St Petersburg, Novosibirsk in Russia and several times to Kiev Ukraine. I have used numerous agencies to arrange travel, hotels, apartments, and other things that an American needs arranged when traveling to Russia and Ukraine and I have had some good and bad experiences. It is a pleasure to have done business with an honest and sincere company. I know how to get around and what to expect when traveling in Kiev but I have never been to Nikolaev and I know it is much smaller and not as tourist friendly as Kiev but I hope to have a good experience with the help of your company.
5 Richard, United States
Martijn, Netherlands
I want to thank you for the good service, especially to Vadim, who waited for me at the airport for about 45 minutes longer because my plane was delayed. Also he drove me to a Mac Donald restaurant when i arrived in Nikolaev because i was so hungry! He also asked me if I could call him after I was in my apartment just to make sure I was oke. Where do you find this kind of service and customer care these days! So for everybody who still hesitates using services of GotoNikolaev, and maybe think the company is a fraud, i say: DONT HESITATE!! This is a honest and legit company, and you get so much for your money, really! The apartments look just like on the photos and its very clean, and mostly cheaper then hotels. Thanks Dimitry and your staff for the good service provided, and i surely will make use of your services again in 2014!
5 Martijn, Netherlands